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Run better meetings

how to design and facilitate productive and effective meetings that people want more of.

Meetings are often inefficient, messy, boring, exhausting and unproductive. In the worst case we leave the meeting without an outcome and have to meet again to start over. In other cases, a decision “has been made” and in the next meeting people start to question that decision again. This can be really frustrating and sucks.

The book “run better meetings – how to design and facilitate productive effective meetings that people want more of” is a great helper to alleviate the above problems.

It provides

  • tried and tested actionable meeting tools with descriptions how to use them

  • practical advice that can be implemented right away in the next meeting

  • case examples from other organizations that illustrate how approaches can be adapted

  • a practical framework when to use what approach

  • a one-page overview of each approach for quick access and usage

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Whom this book is for?

You want to improve your meeting experiences and results. Currently meetings are costing considerable time and emotional effort and often end unsatisfactory. This affects the productivity of the entire organization and the your general job satisfaction.


After reading the book you have a better general understanding of what can make your meetings better in their your situation and circumstances.

You will also have a variety of concrete tools and tested approaches you can start introducing into your meetings to positively affect how things are done.

The outcome will be that you are able to run better meetings! 

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