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Separating divergent and convergent thinking

Systematic creative thinking consists of two distinct thought phases that should always (!) take place separately from one another: divergent thinking and convergent thinking.

Divergent Thinking means a broad search for many new and different alternatives. Alternatives can be ideas, information, ways to formulate the problem, action steps, etc.

Convergent thinking describes a focused, positive and affirmative evaluation of the alternatives.

The strict separation of these two phases constitutes the basic principle of creative thinking. Without this separation, the creative process and the creativity techniques are worthless. Therefore, when we are developing options (divergent thinking) at first, it’s all about gathering as many ideas, options, possibilities, points of view etc., as possible, without immediately (possibly still just in your thoughts) evaluating them (convergent thinking).

Our Future Fit Company Hack Video explains how you will know if you are mixing up the two phases and what you can do to keep them separate.

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